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Living with perspective

The higher you go, the further you can see. It feels as if the Prague skyline was unfolding outside the Skyline building windows just for you. The morning dawn above Prague conjures up the perfect setting for unforgettable moments, as does a magical sunset with a silhouette that the whole world admires. It is as if the whole world was within reach here – Prague, Oslo, Berlin. The special atmosphere of these three completely different metropolises can be reflected in your interior, too. Sample will show you how. A space full of possibilities opens up. Just enter.

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Maximum use of the space

Skyline offers a total of 227 units with layouts of 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette, with a typical floor area ranging from 22.6 m2 to 48.7 m2. Another surprise is twelve sophisticated offices. If you purchase an office, you can easily separate personal and work space. This also allows shared coworking, available to all Skyline residents. Select units have a cellar directly on the floor or cellar stalls on the 1st sub-floor. The Skyline premises also offer parking spaces for cars and for motorcycles.

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Combination of traditional and innovative elements

The combination of traditional and innovative elements gives rise to original housing that will be appreciated by the young and old people alike. The countless opportunities of Skyline will satisfy both active singles and couples. The timeless concept also works as a profitable investment for the future.
You can experience the perspective right here, for example, thanks to the perfect view from the Skyline’s roof designed to be walked on. There is also a fully equipped gym or yoga point, a room where one can practice yoga or anything else. Everyone can make a choice. The party room here invites you to a table football with a big screen TV where you can watch football matches, for example. The lounge opposite the reception, which looks after residents' comfort, allows you to watch tennis matches live.
The Skyline location directly encourages activity, such as bike rides. The surrounding cycle paths lead to the countryside and the city centre. A bike room where you can also wash your bike will certainly come in handy. The practical stroller room is also very useful as much as the laundry room and the drying room. There’s even more outside, including a fireplace and outdoor seating area where you can have a barbecue, as well as another shared space for community building.

gym, yoga point

The fully equipped gym allows you to work on your physical shape and make your muscles bigger and stronger. The yoga point extends the range of possible exercises with a spiritual dimension.

party room

TV entertainment, a place to sit with your friends or play table football. The party room is designed for all kinds of entertainment, but there is also space for coworking.

laundry room, drying room

No need to worry about where to put your laundry. You don´t have to worry about where to put the washing machine or dryer. You won't need them. There’s a laundry room and a drying room in Skyline.

strollers and bikes

Trips with a stroller and bike rides are even more enjoyable when you know where to park. The Skyline has facilities in the form of a stroller room and a bike room where you can wash your bikes.


Who wouldn’t appreciate a place to store their belongings? Owners of selected units will get it included. Cellars are right on the floor, cellar stalls are in the 1st sub-floor.

parking space

Skyline offers parking spaces for cars and for motorcycles.

roof terrace

Live life with perspective. The Skyline roof terrace offers all owners a usable roof terrace for sitting.

Flower beds

Fresh air potential

Urban style in all of its variations, accompanied by the irreplaceable feeling of lightness provided by the surrounding greenery. The “across the road” forest, the fish ponds and the brook, the flower meadow. All this awaits those who want to finally clarify the contours of their home. In the fresh air you can make all kinds of ideas and dreams come true, such as the dream of gardening, the dream of working or relaxing in the shade of the trees, the dream of doing nothing in the company of your friends. Every part of life has its place in Skyline. Select units are complemented by a small fenced garden, while others have garden beds with soil for gardening. There is also a composter available.


Čenětická 2413/1a Praha 11, Chodov – Chodovec. This is the address that will make you feel good about your life. Here, the hustle and bustle of the city makes place for nature and the family atmosphere of local businesses. However, the D1 motorway and the metro C line guarantee trouble-free transport throughout Prague. Right next to the house, there is the Knovízská bus stop, from where you can get to the Chodov C metro station, a 15-minute metro ride from the Hlavní nádraží (Main Railway Station) station, in 9 minutes. It takes 5 minutes by car to reach the Chodov shopping mall. Its 300 shops make it the largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic. Of course, first-class services, stylish restaurants, cafés and a cinema are also included.

Čenětická 2413/1a Chodov, Praha 11


The nature around Skyline takes the form of the Botič nature park, Hostivařský lesopark or the Orchards of Gardening Youth. Water is present in the form of the Košíkovské reservoirs and the Košíkovský brook. Taking relaxing walks or pet walking can be enjoyed to the fullest here, as well as water sports, to which the Hostivařská dam or the Jedenáctka Chodov water park invite you. It is located near the hiking trail from Kateřinky via Křeslice to Újezd, starting at the metro C line station Opatov. From metro C you can also go for culture and history. These are represented by the Chodov Fortress from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, a remnant of an original village dated back to the 11th century. Today the fortress is surrounded by a modern park with several playgrounds, mini-golf and restaurants.

Cycle routes

The Chodov Fortress is also accessible as a branch line of the A22 cycle route, one of the longest continuous cycle routes in Prague. It connects Háje and Chodovec with Bráník, where it joins the route around the Vltava River. It runs through Kunratický and Michelský Forests, Rozptyly and Spořilov. Spořilov is also crossed by the A41 cycle route, the backbone axis between Háje, Chodovec and the centre of Prague, along with Vyšehrad and Pankrác. The link between the A41 and A22 routes is the A225 cycle route from Chodov to Chodovec.

Get inspired by our sample units

Visions of the perfect home can take many forms, and in the Skyline project they are reflected as famous European cities. They breathe elegance, comfort and creativity. They resonate in impressions and feelings. They give life to a place where you will feel great. Get inspired.

Project timeline

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    Start of construction

    1Q / 2022
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    Launch of sales

    1Q / 2022
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    Rough construction

    3Q / 2023
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    Interior work

    3Q / 2023
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    Handover units

    1Q / 2024

All of the above deadlines are for reference only and are in no way guaranteed to be met. The above deadlines are based on optimum assumptions for the construction and implementation of the project and must therefore be taken with a grain or two of salt.

Purchase and Financing

Successful long-term cooperation of our company and Hypoasistent s.r.o. in financing the sale of units to be owned by clients allows us to provide you with a unique offer to finance the purchase of a unit in the Skyline complex. Hypoasistent is a contractual partner of 16 banks and in cooperation with them provides individual discounts on interest rates and fees, tailored to everyone's needs.

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